June 28, 2001

Cheap tarp may warm the pool

I think that Newport Beach should buy a pool cover -- one of those

little bubbly plastic things that goes on the top of the pool ("City,

school district fired up over heating pool," June 15). My dad has one on

his pool, and it saves about 90% of the cost of heating the pool plus it

warms up with the sun all day long when it's not being used.



Newport Beach

Newport Beach mayor a bit hypocritical

I noticed that Gary Adams, the mayor of Newport Beach, is becoming

like all other politicians, talking out of both sides of his mouth when

he says the district officials are trying to pinch pennies and then

they're going to blame it on the energy crisis. And then, later on in the

article ("City, school district fired up over heating pool," June 15), it

mentions that city officials have already added a $10 energy surcharge to

fees for swimming lessons. Adams cannot have it both ways.


Newport Beach

Koll Center not the way to go

I don't feel the Koll Center expansion is needed ("Koll project

receives first green light," June 8). In fact, I'm very much against

expanding the Koll Center.


Corona del Mar

Reader blows a fuse over Crystal Court

I just came back from Crystal Court about an hour ago, and I parked in

the north parking lot on the upper level. Much to my surprise, every

single light in that huge parking lot was on. I think that is absolutely

disgusting. I think something like that should appear in our newspapers.

They don't have the common sense to turn off their lights in the

summertime in the daylight when we're supposedly going through an energy



Corona del Mar

Large yacht not beneficial to island

I'm complaining about the Cooks sacrificing our beautiful bayfront,

moving piers and everything ("Balboa Island yacht request runs aground,"

June 19). I've been down here for 75 years, and they're disturbing

everything on the bayfront.


Balboa Island

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