June 14, 2001

Newport ordinance may indeed affect change

I don't know if it will do the trick by changing the procedures of

what happens when people don't obey the law on noise pollution ("Newport

officials have last word in noise issue," Wednesday), but I think it's

fair. If someone has a party, I think they should be accountable for the

noise that they make. The rest of us only have one or two parties a year,

and we usually tell our neighbors and invite them. If we make a lot of


noise, and the police have to come out because we're bothering the

neighborhood, then we should quiet down a little bit.

So, I think that this is a fair change. For the average person who

isn't partying every month, it's pretty fair. I think the big key here is

a person's willfulness to make noise. If you're on purpose making a lot

of noise and on purpose disturbing the neighborhood, then that's not


So, I think that the change in procedure is a good idea. We could all

still have a lot of fun and have parties and make a little bit of noise,

but it doesn't have to get out of hand.


Eastside Costa Mesa

Noise debate doesn't necessarily affect everyone

Regarding "Newport officials have the last word in noise issue" on

Wednesday: A certain phrase comes to mind after reading this article: "If

it's too loud, you are too old!"


Costa Mesa

Debora Lloyd well deserves her award

Thank you for the article describing Deputy Dist. Atty. Debora Lloyd's

recent selection as Prosecutor of the Year. It is an honor this

distinguished woman truly deserves.

However, I was surprised your article failed to mention a particular

murder case Lloyd successfully prosecuted, one that should have hit close

to home for your newspaper. Lloyd was the prosecuting attorney in the

Donna Jacobson murder trial.

The young man who so viciously killed Jacobson is now spending the

rest of his life in prison with no possibility of parole, thanks mostly

to Lloyd's dedication to this case. She was also extremely compassionate

to the Jacobson family and to Jacobson's friends during the trial.

I hope your staff hasn't forgotten the very unique and wonderful Donna

Jacobson, who was the dedicated and hard-working credit manager for the

Daily Pilot at the time of her death.


Costa Mesa

EDITOR'S NOTE: Teresa Barnwell is also a former Daily Pilot employee.

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