Connie Megley


May 27, 2001

I live on the Westside of Costa Mesa, and I have a comment regarding

the Daily Pilot's ongoing series on the Westside.

I have enjoyed the evenhanded reporting, but please also realize that

the vocal minority interviewed and reported upon does not necessarily

speak for any other residents of Costa Mesa's Westside, so I wanted to

submit another opinion.

In contradiction to the spring 2001 report of the Westside Improvement


Assn., I believe it is fair to point out that we, some actual residents

of the Westside of Costa Mesa, have not been apathetic about our "mood"

toward our home, but instead have repeatedly voiced our opinions,

including opposition to any plan for a bridge at 19th Street.

It would be interesting to note how many people on this particular

committee, which purports to represent the residents of the Westside,

actually reside within its boundaries. I am not alone in stating that

they do not speak for me nor represent my interests.

I was also surprised when I received a flier for a Costa Mesa

Citizens' Improvement meeting that included a particular item for

discussion: the 19th Street bridge. Of course, anyone may discuss

anything they like, but hasn't the 19th Street bridge been stricken from

the county plan? Hasn't it met with vigorous opposition at every turn?

There were so many overwhelmingly negative aspects to a bridge at 19th

Street that repetition of references to such a bridge does not make it

any more viable an idea today than at all the prior meetings. Let us

honestly address the many options to this unfeasible idea.

Wouldn't a bridge at 17th or 16th Street have much less environmental

impact upon the distance across the riverbed? Perhaps such a bridge might

even bring a tax benefit to Costa Mesa, more so than a 19th Street

"shortcut" to the freeway, which would simply bypass Costa Mesa

businesses, disturb residential neighborhoods and the environment, cause

traffic burdens, and so on.

Finally, we Westside residents in my "barrio" embrace our neighbors.

It has never occurred to me to ask whether we all have green cards.

To the mean-spirited folks who feel the need to improve my backyard

under the guise of acting as concerned citizens, thanks but no thanks.

This "solution" is of more concern to me than any purported problem.

I love my neighborhood's diversity and, even if the Westside may have

projects to address, I choose to live here rather than in a

Stepford-perfect city.

* CONNIE MEGLEY is a resident of the Westside of Costa Mesa.

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