Retail Roundup

May 24, 2001

For our sake, we'd like to encourage everyone who can to take a trip

to Hawaii.

Why? Because Aloha Airlines continues to send us stuff as a reminder

that they're now flying out of John Wayne Airport.

Even now, we've got a nice luggage tag here, as well as a spicy mix

that honors their flights.

The mix, which includes cumin, coriander, fennel, chili flakes and


whole black peppercorns, is the creation of Alan Wong, consulting chef

for the airlines and chef at both Alan Wong's Restaurant and the

Pineapple Room. (A reporter, who shall go nameless, apparently absconded

with a pair of chop sticks that came along with it. Rumor has it she used

it in her hair.)

We'll get back to you if and when we toss it on our salad.

Protection for the trip

If you get that chance to go to the Islands, it might not be a bad

idea to take SC Johnson's new "OFF! Mosquito Lamp" with you.

The lamp's pads "effectively repel mosquitoes from an average size

patio for hours," according to the sample we've got in our possession. To

make it work most effectively, there's a series of "helpful hints," too.

The main advice: put it on the ground for a few minutes.

Of course, with this newsroom being full of folks who are exploring

Buddha's path, we can't condone killing even the peskiest bug. But we're

sure to find someone in our building more than ready to fire this thing


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