Activist known for contentious views

May 10, 2001

Jennifer Kho

COSTA MESA -- Martin H. Millard, after Councilman Chris Steel, could

well be the most vocal advocate for improvement on the city's Westside.

Millard speaks his mind at nearly every City Council meeting,

contributes at least a dozen e-mails to the Citizens for the Improvement

of Costa Mesa e-mail group each week and regularly sends letters to the

Daily Pilot editor.


While Millard does not belong to the Citizens for the Improvement of

Costa Mesa, he does wield considerable clout among members of that group,

which has claimed responsibilityfor getting Steel elected in November.

His views that charities are magnets for illegal immigrants and that a

steady stream of illegal immigrants and low-income families have

overcrowded apartments and schools, overtaxed city services and increased

blight and gang activity strike a chord with supporters and nerves with

his detractors.

David Martinez and Gladys Olmedo are part of the latter group who

claim to be offended by some of Millard's writings.

Although Martinez said he agrees that illegal immigrants "can and

should" be faced with deportation, as the law dictates, he wrote in a

Citizens for the Improvement of Costa Mesa chat group e-mail message that

Millard "incorrectly and constantly implies that a particular ethnic

group of people are solely responsible for all crimes being committed and

that all criminal acts are being committed by Hispanics."

But while Millard faces limited controversy in Costa Mesa, his views

on race caused an uproar on a national level 2 1/2 years ago.

In December 1998, the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization

that keeps tabs on hate groups and fights civil rights injustices,

published an analysis of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a group

that regularly publishes Millard's work. The analysis is part of the law

center's annual Intelligence Report, which chronicles the activities of

extremist hate groups.

In the 1998 analysis, the Intelligence Report excerpted one of

Millard's essays against intermarriage: "'What will emerge will be just a

slimy brown mass of glop. The genocide being carried out against white

people hasn't come with marching armies; instead, it has come with

propaganda that is calculated to brainwash whites into happily and

willingly jumping into the Neo-Melting Pot, and to their destruction . .

. . Genocide via the bedroom chamber is just as long-lasting as genocide

via the gas chamber."'

The original column is no longer listed on the Council of Conservative

Citizens Web site.

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