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Bulk mail heading to Santa Ana

March 29, 2001

the Sunflower Avenue office had $221.83 million, Bouffiou said.

"I think, because the post offices are so close together, customers

are going to like it just fine once they get used to it," she said. "More

equipment is available for customers at the Santa Ana center, there is

more parking and customers will have the availability of more discounts

in their mailings with no more work. Post office employees won't be

forced to move. I think this will really be a win-win for everybody."


Roosevelt Smith, who has been a business entry technician at the Adams

post office for the last 20 years, said the office has more than a

thousand bulk mail customers.

More than 100 of them have already taken out forms to complain about

the move, he said.

"A lot of people are upset," Smith said. "It seems to me that they are

trying to drive small mailers out of business. The [U.S. Postal Service]

is saying this is a cost-saving move for them and there's only seven and

a half hours of work here. But if I'm working only 7 1/2 hours and

clearing over a million pieces of mail a year, I must be doing something

right for the post office."

Although many of the complaints so far have been from businesses, Ed

Fawcett, president and chief executive of the city's Chamber of Commerce,

said that nonprofit groups, homeowners' associations, the school district

and even the city itself could also be affected by the change.

"In the last number of years, the postal service has been criticized

for poor service," Fawcett said. "How can they compete with other mail

delivery companies when they are becoming less customer friendly?"

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