Film Review

March 29, 2001

James Meier

"Middlemen" has directors Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie to thank

for successful films like "Pulp Fiction" and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking

Barrels." Without them, this movie would probably not exist.

However, that doesn't necessarily disqualify this well-directed

Canadian movie from success in its own right.

The movie revolves around Farley (James Hutson), a small-time crook


who steals a car radio one minute and stops into his friend's pawn shop

the very next. The weak back story alludes to an out-of-control drug

habit that he somehow overcame.

But it's tested shortly after he meets Alison (Kirsten Robek), a woman

he shares his bed with and whose purse he rummages through. There, he

finds enough to barge in on a cocaine deal led on one end by Alison's


So, Farley grabs pawn shop buddy Andy (Bryon Lucas) and a couple of

firearms, and turns the deal into his own. He could care less for the

cocaine -- though Andy loves it -- and thus focuses his attention on the

money-filled briefcase.

Of course it's not over there as Andy gets coked up, leading Farley to

abandon him. And the drug thugs aren't too happy either. The rest of the

movie focuses on their revenge and retrieval attempt and Farley's new


Though the script falters in dialogue, "Middlemen" director/co-writer

Kevin Speckmaier provides some energy to the flick and hopefully will be

heard from again as a director.

However, most of the actors will not be seen again unless Speckmaier

gives them another whirl, for they're but middlemen who gave the director

his shot at the big time.

* "Middlemen" will screen at 6:30 p.m. Friday at Edwards Island 7


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