March 29, 2001

Leave Fairview Park as is

When government officials think they are God, it's time to get rid of


Mayor Libby Co wan's obsession with Fairview Park closes her ears to

the voice of the people (Q & A -- "Facing the Challenges," Community

Forum, March 18). If Fairview Park, as is, is good enough for those of us

who live around it, why isn't it good enough for Co wan's? Heck, trash


the Huston House intended for it.

Do we taxpayers have some say as to where our tax money goes? Fixing

our washboard streets would bring no glory to Co wan's. Improving our

schools would bring no glory to Co wan's. Are her aspirations to have a

park named after her? I can think of no other motive for her spoiling a

beautiful park. Surely, it is not in her makeup to be a servant to the

people and carry out their wishes.The city is spending needless money on

this park. If our government officials do not represent the people's

choice, let's get rid of them.


Costa Mesa

Not allowing former neo-Nazi not intolerant

Regarding Byron de Arakal's column ("Noting the relative tolerance of

Josh Ludic," March 21), every adult that has been touched by Ludic's

enthusiasm and dedication to his Tolerance Day is awed by the maturity

and insight of this special senior.

It is a pity that de Arakal chose to take a very positive story and

put a negative spin on it. But if he didn't, I guess that wouldn't be

news or in keeping with recent Daily Pilot efforts to make our little

town seem more exciting.

Did de Arakal ask why administrators chose not to allow the former

neo-Nazi skinhead to speak at the school? Of course he must have.

Did he think that inviting someone who had to be escorted by an

entourage of armed guards into our school was a good idea?

Did he think that parents who prefer not to have a lightning rod for

violence mingle with their children are intolerant?

No, of course he doesn't, but that doesn't make a story. I think that

de Arakal is the intolerant one.


Corona del Mar

Internet filters must protect our youth

It is extremely necessary for Internet filters on computers at public

libraries to protect our children. The amount of mind pollution that

children are faced with is so detrimental to their futures. The innocence

of children is no longer protected like it used to be.


Newport Beach

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