Retail Roundup

March 29, 2001

We at Retail Roundup -- not to be confused with the "we" of Inside

Scoop -- are beginning to think that our competition at Best Buys is

getting all the best items shipped her way. While we're buried under

oven-ready cookware from Reynolds and fat-free honey mustards from

French's, she's learning about high-end carpets and Shabby Chic.

What is a Roundup to do?

As usual, we can start with an "innovative cocktail" from T.G.I.


Friday's, the Nutty Accountant. Yes, their public relations department is

at it again, this time playing off our fears of the IRS to concoct this

sweet nothing: Stoli Vanilla, Godiva chocolate liqueur, Frangelico and

half and half. For those not expecting an audit, the nonalcoholic version

is all about chocolate syrup, vanilla syrup, milk, peanut butter and

vanilla ice cream. Is the weight we're going to put on deductible?

Speaking of deductions, for those of you expecting to pay more taxes

-- and thus you remain un-filed -- check out o7

http://www.apacontent.comf7 for "IRS Taxpayer Tips." We're still

waiting for the Web site with "Retail Roundup Tips," but maybe there's no


A nice way to cheer up

T.G.I. Friday's is apparently not the only one loving the sweet touch.

According to the makers of Comstock and Wilderness fruit pie filing and

dessert toppings, nearly half of adults said they make special desserts

to cheer someone up. (OK, 44.8% of 1,000 polled said that, which --

according to our college calculus-level math skills -- means that 448 of

those adults said they did.)

The polling found even more, however. Three-quarters of women make

holiday desserts. Sixty percent of people make a special treat for

someone's birthday.

Still, we're going to stick with the first rationale. So, to apologize

for being mad about Best Buys getting all the great stuff, we'll be

baking a cake for the lucky author.

Check your box for bundt cake!

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