Rob Orozco -- Notebook

March 29, 2001

* EDITOR'S NOTE: Rob Orozco, a Reel Critic for the Daily Pilot,

attended the MacGillivray Freeman Oscar party Sunday. The Orange

County-based film company was nominated for best documentary short

subject for the film "Dolphins." Producer Greg MacGillivray grew up in

Newport Beach.

On Sunday, the entertainment industry gathered once again for its

annual love-fest, known as the Academy Awards. While the nominees and


many distinguished guests, hanger-ons, and connected people attended the

76th edition at the Shrine Auditorium, many of the people responsible for

these films were celebrating their achievement and contribution to these

films in eateries across Los Angeles.

One of these soirees was hosted by the good people at Orange

County-based MacGillivray Freeman films, makers of the nominated short

film "Dolphins." The MacGillivray Freeman festivities were held at

venerable Trader Vic's, located in the Beverly Hilton owned by Mr.

Hollywood himself, Merv Griffin. It was interesting to note that Griffin

lined the hallways of his establishment with large glossies of himself

posing with celebrities of the past quarter century.

The MacGillivray Freeman team, like millions across the globe,

gathered to watch the cavalcade of stars trot on the red carpet -- not

only to be harangued by Joan Rivers, but also by the untold number of

armchair critics, this author included. But once the festivities started

and host Steve Martin finished his brilliant monologue, the anxiety


During the awards ceremony, Trader Vic's was filled with the chants,

predictions and comments that accompanied each category and nominee.

Cheers and jeers would erupt when the winners were announced. This ritual

seemed to ease the growing tension prior to the announcement of the

documentary short subject Oscar.

Finally, the big moment. Samuel L. Jackson arrived on stage to

announce the nominees for best documentary short. Immediate silence was

quickly drowned out as cheers erupted when "Dolphins" was announced as a

nominee. The moment between Jackson opening the envelope and the

announcement of "Big Momma" as the winner probably felt like an eternity

for most of those in attendance.

The announcement momentarily let the air out of the festivities. There

was obvious disappointment in Team "Dolphins" faces and statements.

However, the team knew that the awareness the nomination brought to many

was a greater victory.

"Once the glamour and glitz is removed from this, the reaction I am

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