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City can't skate the issue yet


February 25, 2001

think this is ridiculous and hard for them to get up there, especially in

the wintertime, when there's so much snow. We have lived up there, so I

know what I'm talking about.

So, I certainly am in favor of having a skate park here to keep these

children busy. I wish I was on that committee, and I would sure tell them

there's so many ways that you could save money and have a skate park for

these children.



Costa Mesa

Why not use the area behind Bark Park. You have restrooms, the traffic

is not that big of a problem and parking should not be a problem.

Families have a place to bring their younger kids to play. This way

families could spend some time together.


Costa Mesa

There is a school that is located behind the Costa Mesa Golf Course

overlooking Huntington Beach and the Santa Ana River. This school has a

great deal of land around it where many people already ride mountain

bicycles, etc.

The City Council made the right decision. The Charle and Hamilton

location was very dangerous. I think we are all aware how irresponsible

children can be, and this is a high-traffic area.

Riding skateboards across Harbor Boulevard would have created needless

tragedy in the lives of many. A less urban area of the city would be much

more wise.

Kudos to Chris Steel and Karen Robinson especially, since they were at

least partially elected because of their stance on this issue.

A truly wise and visionary vote.


Costa Mesa

A perfect site for a Costa Mesa skate park? Not possible without

reassessing the type of skate park Costa Mesa would accept.

No one wants a 10,000-square-foot park in their neighborhood. Scale

down the plans and put smaller parks throughout Costa Mesa. Currently,

skateboarding is prohibited in city parks.

Instead, you see skaters in the streets, on school grounds, on

business properties or maybe even on your brick planter. We need safe,

miniature skate parks in many neighborhoods and should even include areas

for scooters, which have become equally popular.

All neighborhoods should be expected and willing to accept smaller

parks for their own neighborhood kids.

As for the advanced skaters who are disappointed in the City Council's

recent decision, the idea of a huge, multiskilled skate park just does

not work in Costa Mesa.

Fortunately, there are commercial facilities and parks in other cities

you can turn to. Thank you, City Council, for putting the safety of our

kids first. It is time now to look seriously at what would work in Costa

Mesa. Lessen the impact, choose safe locations and be prepared to stand

up to those who refuse reasonable facilities in their area.


Costa Mesa

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