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January 01, 2001

passenger capacity. The San Francisco firm has indicated that the 1985

settlement agreement could be extended.

That agreement put the current restrictions -- a nighttime flight

curfew, 8.4-million annual passenger cap and other controls -- in place.

"I'm anxious about Dec. 31, 2005," Newport Beach Councilman Dennis

O'Neil said. "I believe that Orange County is growing, that it's one of

the most desirable places to locate your business or home."


The city, arm-in-arm with the county officials who own and run the

airport and local civic leaders, will need federal approval to extend the

noise restrictions.

City officials hope to invoke the "grandfather-clause" argument, since

the caps existed before Congress passed the Airport Noise and Capacity

Act in 1990. That law prevents local airports from imposing noise


Committee picks schools to get bond money

After months of quiet following the turbulent election when voters

approved a $163-million school bond in June, residents will begin to see

some results of their vote this spring.

With the start of the new year, the Newport-Mesa Unified School

District should just about finish putting together the 31-member

oversight committee that will keep an eye on district spending of the


Once the group is formed, they will begin meeting and choose four

additional at-large community members and two senior citizen


Meanwhile, each school campus will put together site-based committees,

which will have a say in the work done on the campus each represents.

While those two selection processes are in progress, the district is

working on lining up candidates for a project manager position they hope

to fill by early February, said Mike Fine, assistant superintendent of

business services.

By the end of the school year, residents can begin to look for new

playgrounds and black tops at schools, since those items do not require

state approval.

It then will be up to the districtwide committee to decide where to

begin the refurbishing of campuses this summer.

New plan in place for Crystal Cove

The state parks department should hear an earful at its Jan. 18 public

briefing about the future of Crystal Cove.

Following through on its 1996 hiring of San Francisco developer

Passport Resorts, the state parks department set the meeting to lay out

plans to convert the 46 beach-side cottages into a $35-million luxury


Environmental groups active on the issue have vowed to block the

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