OCC football: Linebackers rock the house

October 19, 2000

Steve Virgen

Away from the hard-hitting on the football field, Orange Coast

College linebackers Dustin Davis, Martin Janzon and Justin Blackard have

the personality that could make up one of those teen boybands. Think

NSYNC, with muscles.

Dustin Davis: the rebel-like/stud with a goatee to support the look.

Martin Janzon: the charming, pretty-boy ladies man.


Justin Blackard: the laid-back, sweet-smile teddy bear.

But get these teen's dreams on the field and they change their tune.

When it's gametime, Davis, Janzon and Blackard have the strength that

is similar to a hard rock band. Think Pantera -- loud, in your face and


Davis, Janzon and Blackard will be leading the defense into the

Pirates' matchup against rival Golden West in OCC's Mission Conference

Central Division opener at LeBard Stadium Saturday at 7 p.m.

Davis, who plays outside linebacker and is a team captain, said the

matchup against Golden West will be heated.

"(Golden West is) already talking some stuff that they're going to

burn our defense," Davis said. "They said that our offensive lineman

(Gary Lewellyn) is just a publicity stunt. I think it's better to keep

your mouth shut and play."

Be it Golden West or Pasadena, Davis will be ready to play regardless

of the rivalry. At Pasadena, Oct. 7, he racked up 14 tackles.

He said he loves playing linebacker because he gets to hit --

quarterbacks, running backs, anyone who is on the offense.

No one is safe.

"When you take a big, fat offensive lineman down, it's the best,"

Davis said.

But the 6-1, 230-pound sophomore out of Mater Dei is still waiting to

latch onto an interception and take it to the house. When he gets in the

end zone, he already has a touchdown celebration prepared. It's called

the "Sea Walk," but before he could give a preview of the dance, he held


"Let me get the points first and then we'll all get to see it," Davis


Davis' playfulness is a bit contrary to the Pirates' character on

defense. OCC's defense is about attitude and intimidation, Davis said.

"We're called the Roughnecks," Blackard said of the defense. "We're a

bunch of scrappers. We don't come here to look pretty, we come to kick

some butt.

They come to play o7 forsvarf7 -- oro7 defensef7 in Swedish,

Janzon's native language. Janzon, OCC's starting outside linebacker, was

born and raised in Sweden. He's fluent in Swedish, German and English.

He's been in America for the past two years and came here mainly to play


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