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Reel Critics

June 22, 2000

word to describe it. Basically it's a breathtaking adventure in color and


Disney's newest animated film consists of seven new segments of cartoons

and music, along with one returning classic from the 1940 "Fantasia."

Each segment tells a story through cartoons and with one of three types

of music: the kind that tells a definite story, the kind that has no

specific plot but paints a series of pictures or the kind that simply


exists for its own sake.

The cartoons are a combination of animation and technology that is

digitally made with sound and picture. My two favorite segments are "The

Steadfast Tin Soldier" and "Firebird Suite."

I liked "Tin Soldier" because of how the animation was done and how the

music corresponded with it. The beat was more up-tempo than slow, because

of the emotions and feelings the characters (the soldier, ballerina and

jack-in-the-box) were expressing.

I liked "Firebird Suite" because of the idea of life, death and renewal,

as well as the animation. The Mother Nature character was beautiful. The

way she flew through the forest had a marvelous effect on the whole


There is one part when a volcano monster arose out of a volcano. It was

in that instant that my brother, Michael, screamed because of the sudden

movement. It was a very realistic scare and almost everyone jumped. It

was a wonderful segment.

"Fantasia 2000" is a fantastic musical story of different events in life.

The music describes each cartoon segment really well. I recommend this

movie to anyone who enjoys classical music and likes varieties of

cartoons and animation.

* SARA SALAM, 12, is a sixth-grader at Eastbluff Elementary school in

Newport Beach. She likes soccer, ballet and writing.

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