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In The Spirit

June 10, 2000

* VISITORS: All visitors are sent a welcome letter and church brochure.

Someone from the Congregational Life Ministry contacts those who have

questions and/or are interested in becoming more involved. On Sundays,

there is a time of fellowship, with coffee and doughnuts available. After

Saturday evening worship, fellowship takes place around a meal of pizza,

salad and soda.

* OUTREACH: The commitment to missions at St. Andrew's is one of "time,


talent, and money," as the missions department, under Flanagan's

leadership, seeks to inform and involve the congregation in meeting human

needs locally and around the world. The church supports mission personnel

through its relationship with the General Assembly, Presbytery and other

evangelical missionary groups in more than 125 projects in 26 countries.

Annually, the tithes, gifts and other offerings of St. Andrew's

congregation provide more than $1.7 million for mission support. The

profit from the sale of Saturday night pizza and Sunday morning

doughnuts, along with recycling newspapers, helps fund special projects

supervised by our missionaries around the globe. Each year, the "One

Great Hour of Sharing" offering is dedicated to international world

relief through the Office of Church World Service and World Vision

International. Short-term mission teams involving almost 300 youth and

adults minister each year in the U.S. and foreign countries such as

Israel, Croatia, Romania, Egypt, Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

Closer to home, St. Andrew's supports the Shalimar Learning and Teen

centers, offering tutoring assistance; Royal Family Kids Camp, providing

a camp experiences for abused children, Share Our Selves; Friends In

Service to Humanity; Get Set; Caring Neighbors; and other local


* LAY MINISTRY CELEBRATION: The Lay Ministry Kickoff/Celebration took

place May 20 and 21. Spiritual gifts are divine abilities distributed by

the Holy Spirit to every believer according to God's design and grace for

the common good of the body of Christ. Huffman's sermon topic was "Gifts,

Passion, and Personal Style" (Romans 12:4-8). Discovery Classes will be

held throughout the year for discovery of one's spiritual gifts.

NOTE: Huffman has been senior minister at St. Andrew's for 22 years.

During this time, the church completed and burned the mortgage on a

$16-million building with a 1,400-seat sanctuary. St. Andrew's enduring

presence in the community and its continued growth are testimony to a

church body that takes to heart and practice what it preaches and

believes. Huffman also serves as chairman of the board of World Vision


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