May 23, 2000

The article on the fisherman's haven near Westcliff in Newport Beach

was not the whole story ("Hooking with the tides," May 15).

A closer view of the beach along the bay would show a lot of debris,

food and beverage containers and holes in the shore where shellfish have

been dug up for bait. Although many of the fishermen clean up the area

after they are through, some do not.

There is also trash off of boats coming and going from Newport Dunes.


Ironically, this beach is at the site where Newport Beach was founded in

the 19th century, and it now sits at the foot of million-dollar


But it does not seem to be high on the priority list for the county to

maintain and patrol.


Newport Beach

Council is not listening to constituents

It is my opinion that the Costa Mesa City Council and the mayor are

not doing their job for their constituents ("Report: Home Ranch good for

$2.4 million annually," May 12). They appear to give in to our wealthier

citizens, such as C.J. Segerstrom and company, by giving them just about

everything they ask for.


Costa Mesa

What about Long Beach airport?

Now, according to your article, reasonable people differ as to whether

the LAX report indicates an airport is needed at El Toro (LAX report: El

Toro airport not needed," May 12).

Where is Long Beach Airport in the controversy? About 20 miles south

of LAX and about 20 miles north of John Wayne and El Toro sits this good

airport facility that can not draw major airlines with adequate

schedules. Is Long Beach not needed and El Toro is?


Newport Beach

Make 17th Street sunny again

Having watched East 17th Street change for the worse over the years

into mostly a seedy, traffic-choked thoroughfare has been a tragic work

in progress.

Now we have a chance to make real progress. I wholeheartedly support

the concept of making this busy thoroughfare a more pedestrian-friendly,

user-friendly venue. How many times along the coast have we been socked

in by the fog only to venture up to 17th Street and find it wonderfully

sunny? Come on!

The interplay between the two environments call for the mutually

beneficial and complimentary best use of a "friendly" East 17th Street.

Please don't let this wonderful opportunity slip by to make a great

improvement in our quality of life for us and future generations.

And for our esteemed city officials may find that the tax revenues

would be greater from more people visiting and spending money than making

17th Street a six-lane speedway.


Newport Beach

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