Say Again

May 01, 2000

"There was a lot of panic. I saw moms shaking from cold and fear. Kids

probably saw this happen, or heard the shots, at least. We tend to be

lenient with ourselves and don't worry about safety. We don't expect

this. The police do a good job, but this makes you think of things we

take for granted."

-- Michael Vayner, manager of Mutt Lynch's, on Wednesday's shooting death

at Newport Pier.


"She's talked about retiring before, but this time she put the paperwork

in. And she's told me everything she wants to do she needs me to do with


-- Bob Boies, Newport Harbor High School principal, on one reason he is

retiring at the end of the school year.

"They're basically just going through the motions. This is all just an


-- Costa Mesa resident Bob Rasmussen, criticizing the City Council's

plans for the West Side revitalization project. Rasmussen was at a

meeting of the Westside Improvement Assn., a homeowners group.

"To say nobody on the council cares about the West Side is an absolutely

absurd thing, so farfetched it's almost laughable. By no means have we

signed off on anything."

-- Costa Mesa Councilwoman Linda Dixon, in response to comments by

Rasmussen and others at the meeting.

"Growing up, we were taught that this was the ideal world. Then we were

launched into the [real] world and it wasn't there."

-- Actor and artist Martin Mull, on the inspiration for some of his


"If they want a sterile place to live, why don't they move to Irvine or

Newport Beach? If you've got a well-kept RV, like this one, there's

nothing to complain about."

Costa Mesa resident Wayne Anderson, on neighbors' complaints about his

new 36-foot RV parked on the street outside his home.

"Those colors are very, very, very bright. The bright yellow ... well

it's sort of tacky. But being of Swedish decent, I don't really want to

criticize the color scheme."

-- Costa Mesa resident Eloise Ott, on why she opposes the proposed IKEA

store near her Halecrest/Hall of Fame neighborhood.

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