The Moral of the Story

April 29, 2000

Cindy Trane Christeson

"Easter is the New Year's Day of the soul." -- A.B. Simpson

You probably thought about Easter last week, but you probably didn't

think about it too much this week. You probably thought about New Year's

Day five months ago, but probably not too much this month. My guess is

that you probably really haven't thought about the two events as having

much in common at all, but they do.


They both signify new beginnings.

Last Friday, Jon and I picked up our daughter Amy from the airport; she

was coming home for Easter weekend. Fortunately she flies in and out of

John Wayne, so it's an easy trip for us.

Two weeks ago, Jon and I flew in and out of Los Angeles International

Airport, which is farther away and makes for a harder and longer

experience. But if the only way we could have Amy home for the weekend

was to drive up to Los Angeles, I wouldn't think twice about it. In fact,

if the only way we could have Amy home was to make the drive up to

Northern California and drive her back home, I would have done that too,

just for the chance to be with her.

Last Friday was also Good Friday, and Amy landed in time for the three of

us to go to a Good Friday service at our church. It is one of my favorite

services, and this one was especially meaningful.

A talented young man named Corey sang a moving song called "Love Song."

During his solo, a tender drama was acted out with different scenes of

people who wanted nothing more than to be with their loved ones. We saw a

couple get married. We saw a little girl run to greet her daddy at the


The words of the refrain got to me. The words are: "Just to be with you,

I would do anything, there is no price I would not pay. Just to be with

you, I would give everything, I would give my life away."

Amy reached over and grabbed my hand. We didn't let go of each other

until the end of the service.

I thought about how deeply joyful and grateful I was to be sitting next

to Amy. I also thought about how much we wished our other daughter,

Kelly, could have been with us, as well.

I'm happy that Amy's short flight and our short drive were all it took

for us to be together. I'm sorry that thousands of miles separated us

from Kelly, and there was nothing I could do to change that. It's painful

to be separated from the ones we love.

I heard the refrain again and thought about how much God wanted to be

with his loved ones, and how he did the only thing he could do to make

that possible. It was a hard, long and deathly painful experience for

God, but he wanted nothing more than to be with us.

The name of the song, "Love Song," is a perfect name because Easter is

the perfect new year for our soul. Easter is also the perfect love story

for our lives.

And you can quote me on that.

CINDY TRANE CHRISTESON is a Newport Beach resident who speaks frequently

to parenting groups. She can be reached via e-mail at

or through the mail at P.O. Box 6140-No. 505, Newport Beach 92658.

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