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Newport Beach Film Festival

March 30, 2000

World premiere

Dir.: Michael Levine

Man, 30, achieves his dream audition as Annie

"Clown Car"

United States

World premiereDir.: David Garrett

Two clowns breakdown in desert with nothing to live on but cream pies and


seltzer water

"Cream Puff"

United States

Dir.: Jared Seide

Exploration of craving for power of intimacy and grace of love beyond



United States

Southwest premiere

Dir.: Roy Unger

In dark future where love is a crime, man rages against machine

"A Hollow Place"

United States

Dir.: Joseph Anaya

Working as maid, nurse and cook to bed-ridden, wealthy old man, woman

struggles to escape from oppression

"The Light of Darkness"

United States

World premiere

Dir.: Michael Cargile

Pretty white woman runs out of gas in middle of nowhere, is confronted by

a homeless black man. Neither will forget encounter.


United States

World premiere

Dir.: Mickael Kreuzriegler

The Amazon, 1938: Jungle fantasy of danger, romance, and seduction


United States

World premiere

Running time: 5 minutes

Everything nobody wants to see all at once


4 to 6 p.m.

o7 Kimberley Browning, executive director of the "Hollywood Shorts Film

Festival," hosts a lineup of eight comedic, dramatic and animated

award-winning short films.


"Oil and Vinegar"

United StatesDir.: Mike Blum

A bottle each of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and their culinary tragic

love story

"The King and Me"

United States

Dir.: Pamela Dresser

If you were the illegitimate child of Elvis Presley, would you really

want to know?

"Living Forever"

United States

Dir.: Gary Goldberger, Peter Reynolds

Young boy meets a man and gives him the secret to longer life

"The Unique Oneness of a Christian Savage"

South Africa

Dir.: Jennifer Uzzi

Two boys and their interracial friendship against the backdrop South

African civil unrest


United States

Dir.: Jeff Daly

Young boy discovers a beautiful animated world with the stroke of a


"La Femme Balloon"

United States

Dir.: Dan Lopez

Tribute to French cinema; the wonders and horrors of being in love.

"Still Revolutionaries"

United States

Dir.: Sienna McLean

Award-winning documentary examines roles of women in Black Panther civil

rights organization during 1970s uprisings

"The Deep"


Dir.: Olivier Klein

Eleven men and women miners and three children are stuck after an

explosion with no rescue in sight


6 to 8 p.m.



8 to 9 p.m.


"Five Feet High and Rising"

United States

Dir.: Peter Sollett

Sexual awakening of 12-year-old boy in New York City's Lower East Side


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