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Newport Beach Film Festival

March 30, 2000

United States

Dir.: Dennis J. Courtney

Boy's romantic quest through Dublin streets becomes religious

pilgrimage; based on James Joyce short story

9 to 11 p.m.

o7 Two hours of totally twisted hits; Q&A follows with fellow twistoid,

Scott Forrest of "Smash Cuts!"



"Shock Asylum"

United States

Dir.: Dan Dinello and Paul Dinello

Black comic tale of routine psychological evaluation gone horribly awry

"Life History of a Star"

United States

Dir.: Jennifer Gentile

Fun in the desert

"Crime Scene Cleaners: The New Entrepeneurs"

United States

World premiere

Dir.: David J. Sperling

Dark comedic look at company that specializes in cleanup of homicides,

suicides and accidental deaths

"Dig a Hole, Find a Finger"

United States

Dir.: Evan Bergman

Emmy and Obie award-winning writer John Ford Noonan's study of two women:

poetic yet harsh examination of personal courage and mental illness

"What's Up?"

United States

Dir.: Maria Bowen, Chris Clements, Michelle Giancola and Julie Goldman

Not all the struggles in life are glorious

"Night Deposit"

United States

Dir.: Monica Mitchell

Because you can't always get to the bank

"Das Clown"

United States

Dir.: Tom E. Brown

Sparkles, 2-foot-tall antique clown doll comes to life one story night

but is not the loving son owner wanted

'Martha Colburn's Twisted Animated Series Bonus"





11:30 a.m.

"Clandestine Marriage"

United Kingdom, 1999

Dir.: Christopher Miles

Prod.: Tim Buxton, Steve Clark-Hall, Rod Gunner, Jonathan Stables

Cast: Joan Collins, Nigel Hawthorne, Natasha Little, Paul Nicholls,

Timothy Spall

Running time: 90 minutes

1776 England is setting for exuberant, sexy, relevant comedy

1:15 p.m.


United States, 1998

Dir.: Byron W. Thompson

Prod.: Matthew P. Garcia, Byron W. Thompson

Cast: Seth Green, Zoe McLellan, Brad Rowe

Running time: 90 minutes

Green and Rowe form a hip tag team in fast-paced college con thriller

5:45 p.m.

"A Reasonable Man"

South Africa, 1998

Dir.: Gavin Hood

Prod.: Paul Raleigh, Gavin Hood

Cast: Janine Eser, Ken Gampu, Gavin Hood, Graham Hopkins, Loyiso Gxwala,

Nigel Hawthorne, Vusi Kunene, Nandi Nyembe, Ian Roberts

Running time: 103 minutes

Lawyer and his photojournalist wife on African wilderness sojourn come

across tragic incident at a Zulu village

8 p.m.


Brazil, 1999

Dir.: Ricardo Bravo

Prod.: R.A. Gennaro, Virginia W. Moraes

Cast: Paulo Autran, Paulo Betti, Anthony Quinn, Leticia Spiller

Running time: 97 minutes

Attended by director

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