Kids Talk Back

February 01, 2000

We asked students at Harbor View School in Corona del Mar about their

study habits. Here's what they had to say:

"I do my homework before I play with my friends. Because otherwise you

might forget about doing it. And you should get your homework done by at

least 7:30 p.m. I study vocabulary and spelling every day until I know

them very well. I do really good in school. I try really hard."

ERIK MUTZKE, 9, third-grader, Newport Beach


"I rest first when I get home and then I do my homework. It's easier that

way. And you should have somebody quiz you on your materials if you are

having a test the next day, like your mom or your dad. It helps."

HANNAH SOLOW, 9, fourth-grader, Corona del Mar

"On Mondays, I go to my friend's house and we study history. Tuesday

through Thursday, I come home and eat a snack and then I go in my room

and do my homework for about an hour. Then I stop and take a break and go

on AOL for a little while. Then I finish my homework. I get straight A's

in school. Doing a little homework and then taking a break really helps."

AVA KAVOOSSI, 10, fifth-grader, Corona del Mar

"They give us a 'binder reminder' at the beginning of the week; it tells

you all of your homework for the week. That helps a lot. It's like a

lifesaver because if you forget something, you can just look at it. I try

to finish Friday's homework on Monday. I do about an hour each night. I

come home and watch a half-hour of TV. Then I sit down and plan what I am

going to do that night."

SCOTT SANFORD, 11, sixth-grader, Newport Beach

"First I have a snack, which is sort of like my fuel. Then I go up to my

room and do my homework. If I have sports, then I do extra homework. That

way I stay ahead. My brother helps me with my homework as well as my


LANCE NING, 11, sixth-grader, Corona del Mar

"When I come home, I get a snack and then I start on my homework. I

usually finish by dinner time. The 'binder reminder' really helps because

it allows us to plan ahead. I am allowed to go over to a friend's house

after school if I don't have too much homework. I usually like to get all

of my homework done on Monday."

KATIE JONES, 11, sixth-grader, Corona del Mar

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