Movin On Up!

December 31, 1999

Terry Phillips

This evening when the clock strikes midnight, we leave behind a

century of incredible triumphs, tribulations, inventions, innovation,


For me personally, I've packed away memories such as putting to rest

my two wonderful loving parents, my best friend rising to a better place

before his time, and a failed marriage; all events of great emotion.


I've also stored in my thoughts the day my two daughters were born and

how I felt on those glorious birthday mornings; having had the incredible

opportunity to raise and nurture them; the Newport Harbor High graduation

day when my daughter wrote the words and music to the commencement

ceremony song.

When she sang it, I sipped the taste of salt streaming down my

embarrassed cheeks; and the pride I felt when my youngest won the Newport

Harbor "Coaches Award" for softball and the "Hardest Worker Award" for

field hockey.

These are just a few of my memories of the 1900s. As we approach the

millennium and a new century, we'll be faced with more progress,

inventions, triumphs, and tribulations; all that will convert into


In 1998, another event took place that brought me great personal joy.

I was given the nod to write a column on boating for the Daily Pilot's

Sports Section.

I'll never forget how happy and honored I was to be able to combine

two things I love to do in one activity: to write and to talk about

boats. I've had a two-year run and I've enjoyed every minute of it.

It's now time for change and change is good. I too will change, other

than the obvious, such as my socks and underwear.

I will be banished from this sports page at the conclusion of this

column. From time to time, you might see my smiling face and chins upon

this page, but for the most part, I will no longer be found in this

section of sporting activities.

Some will cheer at the news of my untimely demise only to find out

that I've been moved to the news section of this daily, page 2 in fact.

You see there is more to boating than just sport. There are pleasure

boats, commercial boats, social yachting, yacht club activities and the

locals that make it all possible.

Hence, you'll find me on page 2 effective Jan. 10, every Monday morning.

Page 2 will provide the community with a "what's happening around the

harbor" type calendar of events, a feature story and will include my

intellectual and fascinating diatribe as well (ah hem!).

The sports section will continue to report on all boating and racing

events, placing a stronger emphasis in the area of boating for sport,

rather than pleasure.

So there you have it, a two-year stint of pecking on my computer,

writing about yachts, boats, races and additional nautical news.

It's been a wonderful and rewarding experience, for which I am

grateful. So if you would like to read my column in the future, please

refer to page 2, every Monday morning.

I hope you all have enjoyed my boating sports page column and I wish

you all a very safe and happy New Year. Thank you.

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