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The Moral of the Story

November 27, 1999

Cindy Trane Christeson

"Gratitude is the homage of the heart, rendered to God for his goodness."

-- Nathaniel Parker Willis

I love water. I love waterfalls. Waterfalls are some of my favorite

creations of God. They are beautiful. They are powerful. They truly are

majestic. I have little fountains placed inside my house because I love

the sound of water so much. I have little fountains outside for the same



I witnessed a waterfall this week and it reminded once again of just how

powerful water is. But I've decided that I'm selective about where the

water is located for me to be enthralled by it.

Sunday at church our pastor had us turn to the person next to us and

share two things we were thankful for. That was easy for me because God

has blessed me so much. I said that I was so thankful for our daughters

and that they were coming home for Thanksgiving. I could have kept on,

and if I was asked to count my blessings, I'm not sure when I'd stop.

That afternoon my husband, Jon, went to a meeting, so I ran some errands.

One of the songs that I listened to in the car is called, "I'm forever

grateful." They were good words to have going through my mind when I came

home and opened the front door.

I heard the most incredible noise and as I came around the corner I came

face to face with a waterfall flowing out my kitchen cupboards. Then I

realized I was standing in water, and water was also raining down from

several places in the ceiling in the family room. The sound of the water

was almost deafening and it just kept coming.

I ran upstairs and found a burst pipe under my bathroom sink that sent

water shooting up in like a fountain, down on the floor and down through

the ceiling. I turned off the water, then slogged my way downstairs and

ran next door to get my neighbor, Ken, to help. I was so thankful he was


You've read about him before because this certainly wasn't the first time

he came to my rescue. Ken had two machines that vacuum up water, so we

both went to work. The amount of water was staggering, but after an hour

or so we got the standing water out, though the carpets were still

saturated. What are the chances of having a neighbor at home who has

those machines.

I was so thankful for the song that kept going through my mind while I

was working. When Jon got home, he and I worked those machines some more.

Then he called his friend Ed who installs carpet for a living and I

ordered pizza. Ed came over and ripped out the padding and helped us move

furniture and photo albums. What are the chances of having an expert come

over on a moment's notice on a Sunday night?

We sat on the floor in the living room and ate pizza in front of a fire.

We all agreed that it could have been worse. I could have been gone

longer and the damage could have been much worse. Nobody was hurt, and

the girls were coming home for Thanksgiving. I really have so much to be

thankful for.

And you can quote me on that. * CINDY TRANE CHRISTESON is a Newport Beach

resident who speaks frequently to parenting groups. She can be reached

via e-mail at or through the mail at P.O. Box

6140-#505, Newport Beach 92658.

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