Karen wight


November 27, 1999

Sometimes the thought of decorating for Christmas just takes my breath

away. My mind runs wild with the annual preparations as well as the new

innovations I want to try. I have gotten completely out of control when

it comes to decking the halls and lest I become completely overwhelmed,

there is no other choice but to extend the decoration process over

several days.

Before I get started, I might go over to Fashion Island and check out the


world's largest Christmas tree. This might give me the inspiration I need

to get those red and green boxes out of the attic. What a shame to cut

down such a magnificent tree, but the years that Fashion Island put up

the fake, mod tree just didn't do it for me. Give me that pine smell,

those beautiful lights. I love that. However, I don't love the parking

nightmare. Maybe I'll go another time.

I am contemplating buying a different kind of fresh tree this year. I

always get noble fir, I like their spare, sort of Zen-like artistic twist

on Christmas. This time maybe a Douglas fir or a blue spruce, just to

shake things up. This is going to require more contemplation, I'd better


Poinsettias. More choices, red, white, pink or variegated. Nothing is

simple anymore. I usually go for a lot of white poinsettias en masse. I

think I'll stick with tradition on this one.

The front door is easy. A few years ago I inherited a bird petit point

wall hanging from my grandmother. It's so out it's in. It's quirky,

unconventional, especially with the red velvet lining. It screams

Christmas. I even think one of the birds is a cardinal. This was destined

to be a decoration.

The outside of the house I leave to the husband and kids. That's their

territory, and I am thankful I don't have to do it. This will be one area

that will be completed because it is the only reason I will allow the

kids to get on the roof (to string the Christmas lights). This is great

motivation for them.

I love live garland. The smell is wonderful, but this does take some time

to figure out the lengths for the mantles, the front door and the tops of

the kitchen cabinets. This year I vow to write these measurements down so

I can pull out the cheat sheet next year. Can't find my measuring tape.


I can handle buying a large amount of red and green apples. This is a

grocery store purchase and I have to tithe to Ralphs anyway. The

centerpiece will definitely happen.

Back to the kids. They like to string Christmas lights on their

headboards. Last year, in an effort to explain some of their quixotic

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