Holland coming home

October 12, 1999

Barry Faulkner

Dave Holland taught at Corona del Mar High for 30 years, coached

the varsity football team for 20 and, though retired, is still a

respected figure on the Sea Kings' campus, where a sign on the football

weight room declares it the Dave Holland Training Center.

But when it comes to football, competition has always been Holland's



So, when the winningest football coach in CdM history, now in his fourth

season guiding the Laguna Beach Artists, squares off against his former

school for the first time in Thursday night's Pacific Coast League opener

at Newport Harbor High, mixed emotions will not affect his focus.

"You get into this thing with coaching and competition and you don't

really think about it," Holland said. "These (Artists) are my guys, now,

and our whole thought is trying to win that football game."

Holland whose Sea Kings won back-to-back CIF Southern Section Division VI

titles in 1988-89, is not oblivious to the oddity of working the opposite

sideline. But, he believes, the six seasons which have passed since he

last roamed the CdM boundary have spawned enough change to diminish the

emotional baggage he will bear.

"I don't know the kids anymore and, heck, the (CdM) uniforms don't even

look like the ones I had," Holland said. "It is different for me, though,

because I'm coming home. The biggest thing is, I don't want to look

stupid out there. I want our kids to play hard."

Holland does know CdM Coach Dick Freeman, as well as Sea King assistant

Ed Blanton, both of whom coached under him at CdM.

In addition, several Laguna Beach assistants, including Bob Ferraro,

Bernie Terry and Matt Evans, either coached or played at CdM.

Holland, whose 3-2 Artists have already surpassed the number of on-field

victories accomplished by his first three Laguna teams combined (last

year's 3-7 record included a forfeit from Laguna Hills), said he still

has a passion for coaching.

"I'm having as much fun as ever and, in a lot of ways, I'm having more

fun. Hey, I've been to the mountain and I know I can coach. But the thing

about coaching is, you're always learning new things. What kids need and

how to approach them is always changing, which makes coaching a constant

journey and an adventure."

Holland said the kind of athlete he works with at Laguna Beach adds

intrigue to his daily duties.

"Kids are a little different down here," he said. "Everyone used to say

that kids at Corona were laid back. But they're o7 reallyf7 laid back

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