Police Tips

August 25, 1999

* Parked, occupied vehicles containing one or more persons are especially

significant if observed at an unusual hour. They could be possible

lookouts for a burglary in progress, even if the occupants appear to be


* Any vehicle moving slowly and without lights or following a course that

appears aimless or repetitive is suspicious. Occupants may be casing

places to rob or burglarize.


* Apparent business transactions conducted from a vehicle, especially

around schools or parks and if juveniles are involved, could mean

possible drug sales.

* Persons being forced into vehicles -- especially if they are juveniles

or females -- may mean a possible kidnapping. Record the license plates

and call police.

* The abandoned vehicle parked on your block may be stolen. Contact

parking control with a license plate number.

* Place gravel outside windows where you're concerned about prowlers. The

noise of someone stepping on it will serve to alert you.

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